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Recognized "Top Attorney" in the area of DUI Defense

Washington DUI Arrest? Proven DUI Results!

Here is what just one of hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied clients had to say about Seattle DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb:

"I was terrified after my DUI. Nate was sympathetic to my fears and was clear with me about what to expect. As a result of Nate's hard work my DUI was dismissed. I would recommend Nate to anyone. He really is amazing!!Liz. N.

Seattle DUI Attorney, Nathan Webb

Do you need a truly experienced Seattle DUI Attorney? Do you want someone with proven DUI results? If you have been arrested for DUI in Washington State, it is imperative you have an experienced Washington State DUI attorney.  The Webb Law Firm has been able to achieve an extremely high DUI success rate!*  The majority of the firm's client's cases have either been dismissed, resulted in Not Guilty Verdicts after trial, or been reduced from the original charge. I'm Nate Webb, Bellevue DUI Lawyer, and I emphasize DUI Defense throughout Washington State. Tens of thousands of DUI arrests occur every year in Washington and I have the experience to help you today.

Mr. Webb has been recognized for his exemplary Seattle DUI Defense as a Super Lawyer Rising Star in Washington Law and Politics Magazine four separate times. While up to five percent of the lawyers in the state are named to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 percent are named to the Rising Stars list.  He has also been recognized as a Top Attorney for DUI/DWI Law by Seattle Met Magazine.

A Washington State DUI arrest (RCW 46.61.502) is a gross misdemeanor with maximum penalties of up to 364 days in jail and a $5000.00 fine. There are statutory minimum penalties for those convicted of a DUI (mandatory jail, license suspensions, requirements for alcohol/drug treatment).  Bellevue DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best DUI attorneys in the State. Check out the Results Mr. Webb has been able to achieve for many of his clients.

Nate Webb, a phenomenal Seattle DUI Attorney for the past decade, can tell you that your privilege to drive is at stake and the DOL action against you starts as soon as you have been arrested for DUI (you MUST request a hearing within 20 days from arrest). You could lose your license for 90 days or more if you do not take immediate action and may also be subject to ignition interlock requirements and SR-22 (high risk) automobile insurance.

DUI is an extremely serious offense that is more complicated to defend with each passing year. You need an experienced Seattle DUI attorney who is aware of all the changes in laws regarding DUI.

Believe it or not, you can even be charged with DUI if your BAC ("breath test") is BELOW the legal limit of .08!  The same thing can happen if your blood draw for THC is below the limit of 5 nanograms!

Seattle DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, will explain the complex consequences and penalties involved when charged with a Bellevue DUI. Nate always offers a free DUI consultation. Visit our results page and see what we've been able to accomplish.

Attorneys FEES: A lot of people choose a service based upon the lowest quoted fee as opposed to quality and experience. Keep in mind that the lowest quoted fee is not in your best interest. So, when choosing a DUI attorney, consider that the experience, skill, and knowledge of the law and cases in Washington are how the attorney bases his or her fee.  Are you willing to pay the lowest fee for the lowest representation or are you searching for the BEST DUI ATTORNEY you can find!

Washington DUI Arrest?

Call and speak about to a Seattle DUI Attorney about your DUI arrest today! DUI is difficult to defend and Washington State has some of the strictest laws in place. It is in your best interest to obtain experienced representation from an attorney. A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest is a serious offense. If you have been charged with DUI/DWI, you need to take immediate action to safeguard your rights. DWI laws in Washington change frequently and the Webb Law Firm always keeps current with those new changes. DUI Penalties

Your privilege to drive is at stake and the Department of Licensing won't wait until you have been criminally charged to begin the driver's license suspension process.

Call today for Extremely Experienced Help with your Washington DUI Arrest.

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*These cases may be different from yours and the results do not imply that your case will necessarily have a similar outcome.  Under the Rules of Professional Conduct, no attorney may guarantee results.

Washington State DUI Defense


Nathan Webb is an experienced DUI Defense Lawyer practicing in courts throughout Washington State.

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